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Kandoliya Temple - Pauri Garhwal

Kandoliya Temple - Pauri Garhwal

At a distance of 2kms. from Pauri, Kandoliya is a spectacular spot surrounded by dense forest. The temple of Kandoliya Devta is located here. One can have a panoramic view of the Himalayan peaks and Gangwarsyun valley.

The temple of the local deity, Kandoliya Devta, for whom the Pauri hills are named, is located in a thick forest, 2 km from Pauri on the road to Lansdowne. The walk affords a stunning view of Himalayan peaks and the Gangwarsyun Valley. Majestic oaks, swaying pines and deodars, sprinkles of rhododendrons, shrubs and a variety of flowers lining the road make for a very pleasant, leisurely afternoon stroll to Bubakhal, another 4 km towards Lans downe. Bubakhal is a junction from where several minor roads snake across to the many villages on the slopes of the Kandoliya Hills.

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